Swinging Sips: 120 Funny Golf Cocktail Names to Tee Off Your Happy Hour

funny golf cocktail names


Golf is a sport that calls for accuracy, focus, and endurance. But occasionally gamers need to take a short break from the intensity of the game, and what better way to accomplish that than with a refreshing cocktail? The titles of the golf-themed cocktails that are ideal for sipping on the course or at the 19th hole have been came up with by golfers and golf lovers. Many of the names are inventive and hilarious.

Puns, golf-related lingo, and allusions to well-known golfers are frequently used in funny golf cocktail names. The “Arnold Palmer,” a light concoction of iced tea and lemonade named after the well-known golfer, and the “Golf Martini,” a traditional martini served with a golf ball-sized olive are two examples of these creatively named beverages. The “Tee Time,” the “Golf Cart Crash,” and the “Sand Trap” are some more amusing golf-themed drink names.

These humorous golf drink names not only lighten the mood of the game, but they may also be wonderful conversation starters and contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance on the golf course. Whether you’re an expert golfer or just looking for a fun way to relax, a delectable drink with a golf theme is guaranteed to satisfy. So the next time you play golf, try one of these drinks with funny names and have some fun with your game.

funny golf cocktail names

Funny golf cocktail names

  1. The Hole in One
  2. The Birdie Juice
  3. The Golf Ball-tini
  4. The 19th Hole Hooch
  5. The Par-tee Punch
  6. The Green Jacket Gimlet
  7. The Caddyshack Cooler
  8. The Bogey Buster
  9. The Fairway Fizz
  10. The Pin High Punch
  11. The Putt Putt Paloma
  12. The Slice and Dice Daiquiri
  13. The Golf Widow’s Wine
  14. The Rough Ryder
  15. The Water Hazard Whiskey
  16. The Sand Wedge Sipper
  17. The Mulligan Margarita
  18. The Clubhouse Crush
  19. The Double Bogey Daiquiri
  20. The Fore! Fizz
  21. The Divot Digester
  22. The Bogey Bombshell
  23. The Slice and Sip
  24. The Golf Grog
  25. The Iron Shot
  26. The Tee-Rific Tonic
  27. The Pin Seeker
  28. The Eagle Eye
  29. The Green Tee-Quila
  30. The Sandpiper Sour
  31. The Rough Rider Rye
  32. The Hole-Out Hooch
  33. The Fairway Fireball
  34. The Par 3 Paloma
  35. The Caddie Cooler
  36. The Golfers’ Groggy Juice
  37. The Birdie Banger
  38. The Golf Club Collins
  39. The Hazeltine Hurricane
  40. The 19th Hole Highball
  41. The Sweet Spot Sangria
  42. The Clubhouse Cosmo
  43. The Pro Putt Punch
  44. The Waterball Whiskey
  45. The Bunker Buster Bloody Mary
  46. The Bogey Beater Beer
  47. The Mulligan Mule
  48. The Green Tea-ni
  49. The Sand Trap Spritz
  50. The Links Lemonade
  51. The Fore! Fizz II
  52. The Rough Rider Refresher
  53. The Par-tee Piña Colada
  54. The Caddyshack Cocktail II
  55. The Eagle Elixir
  56. The Fairway Fixer-Upper
  57. The Double Bogey Daiquiri II
  58. The Putt Putt Pizzazz
  59. The Divot Destroyer
  60. The Tee Time Tequila
  61. The Hooked on Scotch
  62. The In the Drink Daiquiri
  63. The Sand Sipper
  64. The Fore Folly
  65. The Golfballer
  66. The Caddie Crush
  67. The Green Glow
  68. The Bogey Begone
  69. The Clubhouse Cooler
  70. The Hole-in-Won
  71. The Iron It Out
  72. The Rough and Tonic
  73. The 19th Hole Hopper
  74. The Par-tee Patron
  75. The Back Nine Buzz
  76. The Tee-Totaller
  77. The Divot Dazzler
  78. The Dogleg Daiquiri
  79. The Shank Shaker
  80. The Slice of Heaven
  81. The Waterlogged Whiskey
  82. The Golfer’s Grog
  83. The Pin Hunter
  84. The Eagle Eye II
  85. The Out of Bounds Orange
  86. The Hole-in-One Hooch II
  87. The Sandpiper Swizzle
  88. The Fairway Folly
  89. The Green Monster Margarita
  90. The Tee-riffic Tipple
  91. The Hooked on Lemonade
  92. The Golf Course Grog
  93. The In the Rough Rum
  94. The Slice of Lime
  95. The Chip Shot Chiller
  96. The Foreplay Fizz
  97. The Divot Dropper
  98. The Birdie Bubbly
  99. The Clubhouse Chai
  100. The Caddy’s Cocktail
  101. The Hole-in-One Hooch III
  102. The Sandpiper Sangria II
  103. The Golfer’s Gimlet
  104. The Par-tee Punch II
  105. The Pin High Pinot
  106. The Mulligan Mixer
  107. The Shank Shot
  108. The Bogey Bomber
  109. The Water Hazard Hi-ball
  110. The Green Gatsby
  111. The Double Eagle Daiquiri
  112. The Out of Bounds Old Fashioned
  113. The Sweet Swing Spritzer
  114. The Bogey Bourbon
  115. The Tee-rrific Tom Collins
  116. The Fairway Fizz II
  117. The Bunker Buster Bourbon
  118. The Iron Maiden Martini
  119. The Rough Rider Rum Runner
  120. The Hole-in-Won Whiskey
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Finally, amusing cocktail names for golf are a great way to inject some humor and originality into your golf outing or watch party. The names can be as imaginative and ridiculous as you want them to be because there are so many wordplay and pun possibilities. There are several options to pick from, including classics like the Arnold Palmer and drinks with more unusual names like the Caddie Crush.

Whether you’re an expert golfer or just a fan, adding humorous golf cocktail names to your next event can be a terrific way to lighten the mood for everyone. There are many names to pick from, so there is bound to be one that will make your guests smile. So, the next time you’re organizing a golf function, think about adding some humorous golf drink names to the menu; your guests will love it.


What do you call drinks after golf?

cocktails consumed after a round of golf are frequently referred to as “19th hole drinks” in the golfing community. This phrase refers to the social side of golf, since players frequently get together to mingle and share a few drinks after a round. The phrase “19th hole” is sometimes used in a figurative sense to refer to a clubhouse or pub where golfers congregate to chat and unwind after a round.

What are some cool drink names?

Blue Hawaiian, Dark and Stormy, Margarita, Moscow Mule, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Sex on the Beach, White Russian, Bloody Mary, Pia Colada, and Zombie are a few names for chilly drinks.

What non alcoholic drinks are named after golfers?

There are no non-alcoholic beverages that I am aware of that are explicitly named after golfers. However, there are several non-alcoholic beverages that are often supplied at golf courses and tournaments, such as iced tea, lemonade, and sports drinks.

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What is the golf drink?

The phrase “golf drink” does not refer exclusively to one type of beverage. There are, however, some alcoholic beverages that are frequently linked to the game of golf, such as the Arnold Palmer, a half-and-half concoction of iced tea and lemonade. Beer, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages are also popular in golf and are frequently consumed during or after a round.

What is 2 shots in golf called?

An “eagle” in golf is a score that is two strokes under par on a particular hole. Therefore, a golfer has made an eagle if they finish a hole in two shots less than necessary. One of the top scores a golfer can get on a single hole is this one.

What is a golf shot called?

A “golf shot” in golf refers to one motion of the club to strike the ball. A shot is considered to have been made each time a player strikes the ball with their club. The object of the game is to finish each hole with the fewest number of strokes possible; the player with the lowest score overall wins.

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