42 funny Golf Poems That Will Have You Teeing Off in Laughter from Forty Shades of Funny

Funny Golf Poems

42 funny Golf Poems That Will Have You Teeing Off in Laughter from Forty Shades of Funny


Golf is a game that is frequently linked to grace, elegance, and accuracy. A golf game involves a lot of focus and seriousness, but there is also room for humour and amusement. This is where humorous golf rhymes come in, adding brightness and laughter to the game.

Whether you play golf regularly or just enjoy watching it, amusing golf rhymes can be a terrific way to lighten the mood and make the game more enjoyable. These poems make light of the occasionally ridiculous aspects of golf using creative wordplay, brilliant rhymes, and humorous tales.

Funny Golf Poems

Funny golf poems offer a humorous perspective on the game that will have you giggling long after the round is finished, parodying everything from the too enthusiastic caddie to the frustrated golfer who just can’t seem to get their swing straight. Check out some of these rib-tickling golf poetry if you want a nice laugh or just a way to add some humour to your next round of golf.

42 Amazing Funny Golf Poems

The Slice”

Oh, the golfer’s dreaded slice,

It’s enough to make you think twice,

About taking up this silly game,

And trading in your clubs for fame.

“The Ball”

A little white ball on the tee,

It beckons to the golfer in me,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When it won’t go straight.

“The Caddy”

A caddy can be a golfer’s best friend,

But sometimes they just won’t bend,

To our every whim and desire,

Leaving us to curse and perspire.

“The Sand Trap”

The sand trap can be quite a scene,

A golfer’s nightmare, a horror dream,

With sand that’s deep and oh so fine,

It can take you down in no time.


“The Water Hazard”

A water hazard can be a sight,

Especially on a sunny day so bright,

But if your ball falls in the drink,

It’s time to call it a day, I think.

“The Rough”

The rough can be a golfer’s curse,

A place where the ball won’t traverse,

With grass so thick and so high,

It can make you want to cry.

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“The Wind”

The wind can be a golfer’s foe,

Making it hard to get the ball to go,

In the direction that we desire,

Leaving us to curse and perspire.

“The Birdie”

A birdie is a golfer’s dream,

A thing that can make us beam,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When we miss by just a stroke or eight.

“The Eagle”

An eagle is a golfer’s thrill,

A thing that can give us a chill,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When we miss by just a shot or eight.

“The Hole-In-One”

A hole-in-one is a golfer’s pride,

A thing that can make us feel alive,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When we miss by just a hair or eight.

“The Golfer’s Prayer”

Dear Golf Gods up in the sky,

Please let my ball fly oh so high,

Let it soar and land just right,

And help me avoid the rough tonight.

“The Golf Cart

A golf cart can be a golfer’s dream,

A way to avoid the heat and the steam,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When it won’t start or runs out of gas late.

“The Golf Shoes”

A golfer’s shoes must fit just right,

Or they can cause a terrible plight,

With blisters and sores that make us weep,

We’ll wish we stayed home and got some sleep.

“The Golf Shirt”

A golf shirt must be neat and clean,

Or we’ll look like we’re on the wrong team,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When it won’t fit or is too late.

“The Golf Hat”

A golf hat must be stylish and cool,

Or we’ll look like we’re in high school,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When it won’t fit or is out of date.

“The Golf Bag”

A golf bag can be a golfer’s delight,

A way to keep our clubs safe and tight,

But oh, how it can frustrate,

When it’s too heavy or won’t rotate.

The Caddie’s Tale

I’m just a caddie, that’s all I am

But I know this course like the back of my hand

I give my player advice and tips

But sometimes they just won’t listen to my lips.

The 19th Hole

The game is done, the scores are in

It’s time to relax and have a gin

We’ll sit and talk and laugh and joke

Until it’s time for us to go.

The Hacker

I swing and miss, I shank and slice

My ball goes far, but never nice

I’ll never be a pro, that’s for sure

But at least I can enjoy the outdoors.

The Hole-in-One

I hit my ball with all my might

And watched it soar into the light

It bounced and rolled and then went in

A hole-in-one, I finally win!

The Club Thrower

I get so angry, I just can’t help it

My ball goes wrong, and I want to belt it

I throw my club and shout out loud

But then I realize, I’m just a clown.

The Divot Maker

I swing my club, I hit the ground

My divot goes flying, all around

I apologize, but it’s too late

My playing partner is filled with hate.

The Ball Searcher

I hit my ball into the rough

And then I realize, it’s tough

To find it in all the weeds and grass

I search and search, but alas.

The Slow Golfer

I take my time, I’m in no rush

I’ll savor every shot, no need to fuss

But then I realize, I’m holding up the game

My playing partners are filled with shame.

The Sand Trapped

I hit my ball into the sand

And then I realize, it’s in my hand

I swing again and hit the beach

My playing partners are out of reach.

The Water Hazard

I hit my ball into the drink

And then I realize, I need a shrink

I curse and swear and shake my head

But then I smile and go to bed.

The Windy Day

The wind is blowing, the trees are swaying

I hit my ball and it starts slaying

Through the air, it goes so fast

I’m on my way to first place at last!

The Rough Day

I’m having a rough day, that’s for sure

My shots are bad, my score’s a bore

But then I realize, it’s just a game

And I smile and move on, no need for blame.

The Birdie Dance

I hit my shot and watch it soar

It lands so close, I can’t ignore

The chance for birdie, I’m on a roll

I do a little dance, and take control.

The Bogey Blues

I hit my shot, it goes awry

I hit again, but still not high

I make my putt, but it’s too late

I’ve got the bogey blues, it’s my fate.


I hit my ball into the trees,

And watched it disappear with ease.

I searched and searched, but found it not,

My scorecard’s ruined, what a thought!


My golf swing’s not the best, you see,

My ball goes left, then right, oh me!

I’ll never be a Tiger Woods,

But hey, at least I’m in the woods.

Awful Sight

I take my shot with all my might,

But then I hear an awful sight,

My ball goes plop into the lake,

Another stroke, for goodness’ sake!

Comedy Game

My golf game is a comedy,

My scorecard’s filled with tragedy.

But win or lose, it’s all okay,

I’ll drink some beer and call it a day.


I hit my ball and hear a thud,

It’s landed in the bunker, crud.

I take my shot and then I’m vexed,

It’s still in the sand, what’s next?

Conclusion about Funny Golf Poems

In conclusion, funny golf poems can be a wonderful way to inject some humour and levity into the game of golf. These poems might make you giggle at the game’s various obstacles and annoyances, whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started. These can be a wonderful way to develop relationships with other golfers and lighten the mood on the course. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that these poetry should never be insulting to the game or its participants or make light of serious situations. Instead, they ought to be employed to cheer people up and make golfing even more fun.

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