Pub Golf Forfeit Ideas to Continue the Party All Night

Pub Golf forfeit ideas

Pub Golf Forfeit Ideas to Continue the Party All Night


Players compete to finish a round of drinks at several pubs in as few shots as possible in a drinking game known as “pub golf,” which has grown to be one of the most well-liked drinking contests worldwide. The Pub golf forfeits ideas come up with, however, are what elevates the game to a new level of excitement and pleasure. If a player doesn’t finish a hole in a predetermined number of shots, they are subject to forfeits, which are penalties or challenges that they must fulfil. Oftentimes, forfeits involve amusing or embarrassing actions that add another level of enjoyment to the game.

The significance of Pub Golf forfeit ideas cannot be emphasised because they have the power to enhance or detract from the game’s overall experience. The game gets more entertaining as the forfeits get more creative and difficult. Players frequently look forward to the forfeits more than the actual game since they provide them a chance to showcase their abilities, originality, and sense of humour.

This post will go through some of the most well-liked and enjoyable Pub Golf forfeit ideas that you can use for your upcoming game. These forfeits will up the fun and excitement in your game, whether you’re a seasoned Pub Golf pro or a newbie, and make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. Get ready to explore the world of Pub Golf forfeit ideas by grabbing your clubs and beverages.

Pub Golf Forfeit Ideas

Suggestions for Pub Golf Forfeits to Continue the Party All Night

Physical Challenges

Physical challenges are some of the most well-liked and amusing pub golf forfeit ideas. These forfeits can range from being somewhat difficult to extremely demanding, and they have players undertake physical duties or activities, frequently in front of an audience. You can apply the following suggestions for physical Pub Golf forfeits in your upcoming game:

1. The One-Legged Lap – In this forfeit, you must round the bar on one leg. The first player to reach the finish line, while remaining on one foot, wins.

2. Push-Up Penalty: Players are required to perform a specified number of push-ups in front of the entire pub as a forfeit for this penalty. After each missed shot, the amount of push-ups grows, making it a difficult and enjoyable chore.

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3. Burpee Battle: In this forfeit, competitors compete to complete a certain number of burpees—a move that combines a squat, a push-up, and a jump—in the shortest amount of time. The loser is responsible for paying for the other participants’ drinks.

Actual Pub Golf forfeits add a level of physical difficulty to the game and are a wonderful way to get players moving. But, it’s crucial to make sure that the forfeits are secure and don’t expose gamers to danger.

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Pub Golf Forfeit Ideas : Embarrassing Challenges

Embarrassing challenges are another common genre of Pub Golf forfeit ideas. Players must carry out these forfeits in front of their teammates and the other customers of the bar. Here are some suggestions for embarrassing challenges in pub golf forfeits:


1. Performing a Song: For this penalty, the player must perform a song of their choosing karaoke-style in front of the entire bar. The song selection can be made in advance or on the spot.

2. Silly Dance: To a song that has been selected by the other players, participants must do a silly dance. The idea is to make it as funny and engaging as we can.

3. Dress-Up: This forfeit entails continuing the game while donning an absurd costume or clothing. The player who missed a shot may choose their own attire or the outfit may be chosen by the other players.

Funny and entertaining Pub Golf forfeits are a terrific way to spice up the competition. But, it’s crucial to make sure that neither the players nor the customers of the pub are offended or harmed by the forfeits.


Pub Golf Forfeit Ideas: Knowledge-Based Challenges

A popular drinking game played in bars all over the world is pub golf. In this game, each shot is equivalent to a hole on a golf course, and participants must finish a round of drinks in a predetermined number of shots. A player who misses a shot is required to do a forfeit, which can range from singing to taking on a physical challenge. Knowledge-based challenges are a common forfeit among Pub Golf players.

These forfeits test a player’s cognitive flexibility and subject-matter expertise. Examples of knowledge-based forfeits for pub golf include:


1. Trivia quiz: The player who missed the shot is required to respond to a series of questions on a selected subject. The questions may include broad information or be focused on a particular subject, like sports, movies, or music.

2. Name That Tune: The player who missed the shot must correctly guess the song or artist within a given amount of time after the other players play a brief clip of a song.

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3. Pictionary: Based on a graphic created by the other players, the player who missed the shot must guess a word or phrase.

A wonderful method to keep the game fresh and include a mental challenge is to include knowledge-based challenges. To make sure that everyone has a fair chance to participate, the questions or tasks should not be overly challenging.

Pub Golf Forfeit Ideas: Creative Challenges

Pub Golf is a popular drinking game that’s often played in pubs and bars around the world. In this game, players must complete a round of drinks in a certain number of shots, with each shot representing a hole on a golf course. If a player misses a shot, they must take a forfeit, which can be anything from singing a song to performing a physical challenge. One type of forfeit that’s popular among Pub Golf players is creative challenges.

These types of forfeits require players to use their imagination and creativity to come up with unique and often humorous responses to various prompts. Here are some examples of creative Pub Golf forfeit ideas:

  1. Cocktail Creation/ Pub Golf Drink Ideas: The player who missed the shot must create a new cocktail recipe and give it a fun and catchy name. The other players can taste the cocktail and rate it on its creativity and taste.
  • Napkin Sketch: The player who missed the shot must draw a pub scene on a napkin, with the other players choosing the theme. The drawing can be as creative and amusing as possible.
  • Limerick Writing: Players must come up with a limerick on a topic chosen by the other players. The limerick should be funny and clever and should be recited to the other players.

Creative Pub Golf forfeits can add an entertaining and humorous element to the game, allowing players to showcase their creativity and imagination. However, it’s important to ensure that the forfeits are not offensive or harmful to any of the players or pub patrons.


Many people all around the world take pleasure in the entertaining drinking game known as pub golf. The forfeits that players must make if they miss a shot are one of the game’s main mechanics. These forfeits may involve difficult physical, humiliating intellectual, creative, or moral tasks. Every kind of forfeit offers a distinct kind of difficulty and can contribute to the game’s enjoyment and amusement.

While embarrassing challenges might force players to venture outside of their comfort zones and do something unusual, physical challenges can test a player’s strength, coordination, and balance. Knowledge-based tasks can test a player’s cognitive flexibility and subject knowledge, while creative challenges can highlight a player’s inventiveness and sense of humour.

When playing Pub Golf, it’s crucial to make sure that the forfeits don’t hurt or offend any of the players or other customers of the bar. The forfeits can add a fun and pleasant aspect to the game as long as they are handled responsibly and with respect. Try some of these forfeit suggestions the next time you play pub golf to see who wins!

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How do you make a pub crawl fun?

A pub crawl can be made more enjoyable by including a few more components to the standard format. Including Pub Golf forfeits in the crawl is a fun idea. When a player misses a shot or loses a game, they must execute a task that may be physically demanding, embarrassing, knowledge-based, or innovative.

This not only gives the pub crawl an extra element of entertainment and competition, but it also encourages interaction and lighter fun among the participants. Please make sure to keep everyone safe and treat participants and other customers of the pub with respect throughout the forfeits.

What is a bunker hazard in pub golf?

A hurdle or obstruction that must be overcome before a player can proceed to the following shot or hole is referred to as a bunker hazard in the context of pub golf. These can include obstacles that increase the game’s competitiveness and entertainment value, such as physical, intellectual, or artistic challenges.

What is the aim of pub golf?

The objective of pub golf is to finish a round of golf, usually nine or 18 holes, with the lowest possible score. Yet unlike regular golf, Pub Golf includes a variety of hurdles and challenges during the game, such as awkward, imaginative, knowledge-based, or physical challenges, which adds an extra level of amusement. Players must successfully execute these tasks in order to go on to the following hole. Typically, they are assigned to particular holes or strokes. Typically, the player who finishes all of the challenges with the lowest score wins the game.

What are pub golf rules?

Depending on the group playing, the Pub Golf regulations can change, but there are some overarching principles. Typically, players select a group of clubs or pubs and allocate each place to a hole. Players attempt to complete each course in the fewest shots necessary. Each hole is assigned a par score.

Players must successfully accomplish the prescribed tasks or obstacles for each hole in order to move on. These hurdles or difficulties may be physical, embarrassing, knowledge-based, or creative. A player’s score and any penalties for missed shots or lost challenges must also be kept track of. The winner of the game is the person who finished with the lowest overall score.

What are 3 hazards on a golf course?

Bunkers, water hazards, and roughs are the three dangers that can be found on a golf course. Water hazards are bodies of water that increase the chance of lost balls or penalties, whereas bunkers are sections of sand that are intended to be difficult to play from. Roughs are sections of higher, thicker grass that make it harder to make shots.

What is the sand trap in golf?

A bunker, commonly referred to as a sand trap, is a hazard on a golf course created to be difficult for golfers. It is a sand-filled space that is frequently located close to the green and which makes it challenging to hit the ball out of the bunker and onto the green.

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