viktor hovland house stillwater

viktor hovland house stillwater

Viktor Hovland, the professional golfer, has chosen to reside in Stillwater, Oklahoma, despite many sports stars opting to live elsewhere. His choice to stay in Stillwater is influenced by his training needs, as he practices with team members at Karsten Creek, the home course for the team​​.

Regarding his house in Stillwater, Hovland’s approach to finding a place was straightforward and uncomplicated. He initially moved in with Austin Eckroat, a teammate from Oklahoma State University (OSU), in Eckroat’s house in Stillwater. After earning some paychecks on tour, Hovland decided to buy his own place. He tasked a realtor in Stillwater with finding a suitable house, and after looking at a few options, he made his choice. The house, described as being under 3,000 square feet and similar to other houses in the area, is conveniently located for Hovland’s needs. It’s less than 10 minutes from Sprouts, his preferred grocery store, ten minutes from Boone Pickens Stadium, where he occasionally does weight lifting, and most importantly, about 15 minutes from Karsten Creek. However, Hovland does not spend much time in Stillwater, estimated between six and eight weeks a year​​.

When did Viktor Hovland move to Oklahoma?

Viktor Hovland moved to Oklahoma when he began attending Oklahoma State University (OSU) for his college education and to play collegiate golf. He enrolled at OSU in the fall of 2016. Hovland, originally from Oslo, Norway, chose OSU for its strong golf program and excellent facilities, which have been instrumental in his development as a professional golfer. His move to Oklahoma marked the beginning of a significant phase in his career, where he honed his skills and emerged as a prominent golfer on the international stage.

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