Funny Golf Team Names That Will Make You Tee-Hee: Swing Into Laughing!

Funny Golf Team Names

Funny Golf Team Names That Will Make You Tee-Hee: Swing Into Laughing!

Funny Golf Team Names

Here are 226 Funny Golf team Names that will blow your mind

A fantastic golf team needs a fantastic name that will get everyone in the mood for some enjoyment on the course. From the classic “Birdie Bandits” to the crazy “Zen Golfers,” there are lots of unique and entertaining titles to select from.

For your next round of golf, we’ve put together a list of the funniest team names in this article. So gather your clubs, dress to impress, and prepare to tee off with some amusing team names!

The funny golf team names, presented by For the Love of Laughing in groups: 


Group A:

Ace Holes

Albatrosses Anonymous

Angry Clubbers

Animal Drivers

Awesome Irons

Air Ballers

Amateur Hour Heroes

Atomic Swingers

Acorn Addicts

Aged Whiskies

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Funny Golf team Names

Group B:

Ball Busters

Bogey Beaters

Birdie Bashers

Bunker Buddies


Beer Fore Birdies

Bubba’s Bandits

Bogey Brothers

Bogeylicious Babes

Big Sticks


Group C:

Clubbing Crushers

Caddy Shackers

Chipmunks on Par

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Cupcakes and Clubs

Clumsy Golfers

Cart Path Crusaders

Chasing Birdies

Cutthroat Caddies

Cussing Chipsters

Crazy Hookers

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Funky Golf Team Names

Group D:

Dimpled Balls

Driver’s Ed Dropouts

Divot Diggers

Drinking and Driving Range

Duffing It Up

Dance Floor Divas

Dirty Birdies

Duffers in Distress

Diamond Cutters

Driving Range Rats


Group E:

Eagle Hunters

Eighteen Holers

Errant Drives

Easy Putters

Executive Par-timers

Excess Handicap

Extra Mulligans

Endless Fairways

Everything in the Bunker

Even Par Avengers

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Group F:

Fairway to Hell

Fore Horsemen

Four Putting Fools

Full Swing Ahead

Flagstick Fanatics

Flop Shot Flunkies

Fossilized Foursomes

Fairway to Heaven

Fescue Fighters

Fuzzy Zoellers

Team Names F

Golf Names Funny

Group G:



Grip It and Sip It

Goofy Golfers

Gang Green

Gimmie Girls

Golf Widows

Green Monsters

Grumpy Golfers

Gopher and the Gang


Group H:

Hole in None

Hazardous Hackers

Hole Lotta Love

High Handicappers

Hack Attack

Happy Hookers

Hitting and Drinking

Hump Day Hacks

Hybrid Heaven

Holy Hole-in-Ones


Group I:

In the Hole Gang

Iron Maidens

In the Drink

Iron Willies

Inside the Leather

Impending Doom

It’s Always Sunny in the Fairway

Intimidating Irons

Iron Men

Irresistible Irons


Group J:

Just Putt It

Jolly Jokers

Jekyll and Hydes

Jazzy Jabs

Jagged Edges

Jittery Jabs

Jumping Jax

Jetlagged Jocks

Just the Tip-Ins

Jazzy Putters


Group K:

Keep it on the Fairway

King Putters

Kicking Grass

Kooky Kutters

Keg in the Hole

Keepin’ it Green

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Kool Kats

Keep Calm and Tee Off

Kilted Caddies

Killer Pars


Group L:

Long and Wrong

Lucky Strokes

Links Lizards

Low Putts and High Fives

Lost Balls and Paranoia

Lefty Loosies

Little White Balls

Ladies and Strokes


Group M:

Mulligan’s Island

Misfits of the Fairway

Morning Wood

Mother Putters

Mad Swings

Masters of Disaster

Mysterious Mulligans

My Big Fat Fore-Head

Mid-Iron Mafia

Mashies and Mash Pots


Group N:

Never Up Never In

Nuts for Putts

No Mulligans Needed

Nine Hole Wonders

Niblicks of the North

Nifty Niners

Nothing But Grass

Ninety-Nine Problems But Golf Ain’t One

Not Quite Par

Newbies on the Green


Group O:

One Putt Wonders

On the Green Again

Old Duffers

Out of Bounds Brigade

Over Par Performers

Over the Top

Out of the Woods

Oompa Loompas

Open-faced Sandwiches

Off Course Oopsies


Group P:

Putt Pirates

Pin Seekers

Par-Tee Time

Putter Face

Pin High Pros

Putting Pandas

Power Puff Drives

Pocket Rocket Putters

Pure Swings

Putting for Dough


Group Q:

Queen of Clubs

Quick Greens

Quirky Swingers

Quiet Please

Quack Attack

Quibbling Quints

Quail Hollows

Quizzical Golfers

Quality Golfers

Quivering Wedges


Group R:

Rough Riders

Red Hot Chili Drivers

Rough Cuts

Risky Putters

Right in the Woods

Rusty Golfers


Raging Caddies

Rubber Grips

Razzle Dazzle


Group S:



Sultans of Swing

Slice and Dice

Scramble Masters

Sand Traps Anonymous

Swing and a Miss

Stymies and Stiffies

Sweet Swingers

Scratch Golfers


Group T:

Tee Party


The Fore Horsemen

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The Bad Eagles

The Slice Girls

Tee-ranasaurus Rex

The Incrediballs


The Mulligan Men

Tiger’s Wood


Group U:

Under Par Gang

Unplayable Lies

Uncommon Golfers

Up and Downers

Urban Golfers

Ultimate Irons

Unleashed Putters

Unusual Swingers

Unwritten Rules

Unforgiving Fair


V Group:

Vodka Swingers

Victory Stogies

Varsity Putters

Vanilla Slice


Very Stable Geniuses

Vegas Hookers

Vindaloo Victory

Volatile Putters

Vino Strokes


W Group:

Wedgie Warriors

Wet Wedges

Whack-a-Mole Swingers

Whiskey Disciples

Wild Whackers

Wine and Nine

Winged Warriors

Winter Rules

Witty Putters

Wonder Whackers


X Group:

X Marks the Spot

X-traordinary Putters

X-citing Strokes

X-cessive Hookers

X-treme Golfers

X-actly Right

X-cuse Makers

X-cellent Shots

X-perience Matters

X-ceptional Putts


Y Group:

Yabba Dabba Do Strokes

Yodeling Yahoos

Yankee Doodle Drivers

Yellow Ballers

Yes We Putt

Yummy Mummies

Yoga Swingers

Youthful Yips

Yippee Ki Yay Golfers

Yin Yang Putters


Z Group:

Zany Zappers

Zero Handicaps

Zigzag Zingers

Zesty Zoners

Zipper Lips

Zippy Zappers

Zillionaire Golfers

Zooming Zeros

Zen Golfers

Zingy Putters

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