How to Clean Golf Grips: A Step-by-Step Guide to Keep Your Grips in Top Condition

how to clean golf grips


How To Clean Golf Grips Any golfer’s kit is incomplete without golf grips. They give a player the grip and traction they need to maintain control of the club while making a swing. Golf grips can become less efficient and possibly cause slippage during a swing as a result of accumulating sweat, oil, and grime over time from a player’s hands. Golf grips must therefore be kept clean to prolong their life and guarantee that they function at their best. In this article, we’ll go through the top techniques for sprucing up golf grips and getting them back to their pre-use state.

How To Clean Golf Grips Golf grip cleaning is a simple procedure that requires only common household supplies like soap, water, and a brush. Additionally, there are specific cleaners for golf grips on the market that are made to do the job well. Golf grips should generally be cleaned at least once per month, or more frequently if they are used frequently. Regular cleaning not only keeps the grips functioning well but also increases their longevity and lowers the frequency of replacement.

You can find detailed instructions on how to clean golf grips in the tutorial that follows, along with a list of the supplies you’ll need. In order to give golfers the freedom to select the strategy that best suits them, we will discuss both fundamental cleaning techniques using everyday materials and specialized cleansers. Golfers will have a strong grasp of how to maintain their grips for optimum performance by the end of this book.

how to clean golf grips

Gather Supplies

  1. Regular cleaning can help keep your golf grips in good shape, increase their lifespan, and guarantee that you have a strong grip on your club. You will require the following supplies to begin:
  1. Warm water bucket: The foundation of your cleaning solution will be warm water. Check that the water is not excessively hot because that could harm the grips.
  1. Mild soap or detergent: To make a cleaning solution for the grips, you will need a mild soap or detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or chemicals since they can harm the grips.
  1. Soft-bristled brush: To clean the grips, you will need a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush or a special grip cleaning brush.
  1. Towels: After washing, you will need to dry the grips with clean towels.

Grip cleaning solution or wipes are an optional extra that you can use for more powerful cleaning, but they are not required.

Prepare the Grips

These actions should be followed to get the golf grips ready for cleaning:

  1. Golf club grip removal will help ensure a complete cleaning. If at all possible, take the grips off the clubs before cleaning. Ensure that the clubhead is shielded with a plastic bag or towel if you are unable to remove them.
  1. Examine the grips: Check the grips for any fractures or damage before cleaning. It may be necessary to completely replace the grips if you find any damage.
  1. Clean up any dirt or debris: Gently clean the grip’s surface by using a toothbrush or soft-bristled brush. Don’t use anything too abrasive, like a wire brush, that might harm the grip.
  1. Warm water and a small amount of mild detergent should be added to a bucket to make a soapy solution for soaking the grips. The grips should be submerged in the solution and left to soak for ten to fifteen minutes.
  1. The grips should be scrubbed once they have soaked to eliminate any dirt or filth that may have remained. Concentrate on the grooves and crevices of the grip, which are common places for dirt to collect.
  1. After carefully cleaning the grips, rinse them under running water to eliminate any remaining soap.
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Dry the grips by patting them dry with a fresh towel and wiping away any extra moisture. Before replacing them on your golf clubs, let them fully dry out in the air.

Clean the Grips

Golf grips are a crucial part of any golfer’s equipment. They give the golfer the grip and control they need to play their best. Golf grips can, however, get soiled and slippery over time, which diminishes their efficiency. You must frequently clean your golf grips if you want to keep them looking great. An instructional video showing you how to clean golf grips is provided.

Clean Your Hands:

A few drops of mild dish soap should be added to a bucket or sink full of warm water. Prevent damaging the grip material by avoiding using abrasive detergents or chemicals.

In the soapy water, dunk a soft-bristled brush or sponge, and use circular motions to gently scrape the grip. Make care to thoroughly clean the grip’s top, bottom, and sides.

Remove any soap residue by giving the grip a thorough rinse in clean water.

With a fresh towel, dry the grip completely, being sure to get rid of any extra moisture.

Before using the grip once more, let it completely dry in the air.

You can use a specialized golf grip cleaner, which is accessible at most golf shops or internet sellers, for exceptionally difficult stains or grime. Follow the manufacturer’s usage directions, and after using the cleaning, make sure to thoroughly rinse the grip with water.

Regularly cleaning your golf grips can not only increase their longevity but also enhance your overall golfing ability. Your shots will be precise and potent because a clean grip offers improved traction and control. You’ll notice a difference on the course if you regularly clean your golf grips as part of your equipment maintenance program.

Reinstall the Grips

It’s time to put your golf grips back on your clubs after cleaning and drying them. The steps are as follows:

  1. Apply grip tape solvent: Apply a tiny amount of grip tape solvent to the interior of the grip. The grip will be simpler to attach to the club shaft as a result.
  1. Place the grip in the proper location on the shaft, lining it up with the club face. Make sure the grip is even and straight.
  1. Slide the grip: After positioning the grip, slowly slide it onto the shaft, taking care to prevent twisting or bundling.
  1. Alignment check: After the grip has been properly mounted, check it again to make sure it is straight.
  1. Before using the club, let the grip thoroughly dry out. Wait a few hours if necessary, and don’t use the club until the grip is completely dry.

You can quickly put your clean golf grips back on your clubs and resume playing at your best by following these simple instructions. Keep in mind to clean your grips frequently to preserve their quality and guarantee a secure grasp when swinging.

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Alternative Method: Use of a Bucket

  1. Another efficient way to maintain your golf grips looking and operating like new is to clean them using a bucket. Here is how to go about it:
  1. Warm water and a few drops of dish soap or a mild detergent should be added to a bucket.
  1. Make sure the grips on your golf clubs are completely soaked in the solution. Give them five to ten minutes to soak.
  1. To get rid of filth and grime, carefully scrub the grips with a soft-bristled brush. Avoid using too much pressure as this could harm the grip surface.
  2. The grips should be properly cleaned off with clean water before being dried with a fresh towel. Make sure all soap residue is gone.
  1. Prior to reattaching the grips to your clubs, give them ample time to air-dry thoroughly.
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Regular cleaning will not only keep your golf grips looking fantastic, but it will also assist preserve their grip performance and increase their longevity. Depending on how frequently you play, clean your grips after every round or at least once a month, whether you prefer to do it with a bucket or a spray.

how to clean grips on golf clubs

Over time, perspiration, oils, and dirt from your hands can build up on golf club grips, causing you to lose control and grip. It’s critical to frequently clean your grips in order to keep them spotless and in excellent shape. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to clean golf grips:

  1. Gather Materials: You’ll need a clean towel, a soft-bristled brush, a pail of warm water, and some mild dish soap.
  1. Remove the club headcovers, then fill a pail with warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap to prepare the grips. In the soapy water, dunk your soft-bristled brush, and carefully scrub each grip, paying special attention to the parts that your hands touch most frequently.
  1. The Grips Should Be Cleaned: After giving each grip a good rinse with clean water, pat them dry with a fresh towel. Be sure to wipe off any extra moisture from the grip’s surface, and keep them out of direct sunlight.
  1. Reinstall the Grips: Following a thorough drying of the grips, reconnect the club headcovers and place the clubs in your bag.

An alternative cleaning technique is to use a large bucket in place of a sink to clean your golf club grips. A few drops of dish soap and warm water should be added to the bucket. Each club grip should be dipped into the bucket and scrubbed with a soft brush. Clean the grip off with a clean towel after rinsing it with water.

Your golf club grips will last longer and retain their grip and feel if you regularly clean them. Cleaning them is advised after every few rounds or as necessary depending on your playing circumstances. You can maintain excellent golf club grips and play at your peak on the course by following these easy steps.

clean golf grips

Golf grips can get grubby and slippery with time, which can make it difficult to grip and control your club correctly. Fortunately, cleaning your golf grips only requires a few simple tools and resources.

  1. assemble the necessary materials: a bucket, water, soft-bristled brush, clean cloth, and towel are required.
  1. Get Your Grips On: Warm water and a tiny bit of mild dish soap should be added to the bucket. Start at the top of the grip and work your way down, dipping the soft-bristled brush into the soapy water. Any spots that are extremely unclean or discolored should receive extra attention.
  1. Cleaning the Grips: After properly cleaning the grip, rinse it with clean water and pat it dry with a clean cloth. Repeat the process as necessary to ensure a clean grip.
  1. Reinstall the Grips: Now that your clubs’ grips have been cleaned and dried, it’s time to put them back on. For effective installation, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Alternative Approach: Utilizing a Bucket

Filling a bucket with warm water and mild dish soap is an alternative way if you have a lot of clubs or need to clean them quickly. Each club grip should be submerged in the soapy water and scrubbed with a soft brush. Clean off each grip completely with clean water before patting it dry.

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In addition to extending the life of your golf grips, routine cleaning will help you maintain a firm grip on your clubs during your upcoming round of golf.

clean golf club grips

To keep your golf club grips performing and lasting, you should clean them frequently. On the grips, grime, perspiration, and oils from your hands can accumulate, decreasing traction and grip strength. An instruction manual for cleaning golf club grips is provided below:

  1. assemble the necessary materials: a bucket, warm water, some mild dish soap or detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and a towel.
  1. Remove the clubheads from your golf clubs and dampen the grips with warm water to prepare the grips. Hot water should not be used as it may harm the grips.
  1. Apply a tiny quantity of dish soap or mild soap to the brush, then scrub the grips in a circular motion to clean them. To prevent harming the grips, use caution when using the brush.
  1. After carefully cleaning the grips, rinse them with warm water to get rid of any soap residue.
  1. Dry the Grips: Thoroughly dry the grips with a clean towel. Before reinstalling them on your golf clubs, make sure they are thoroughly dry.


In conclusion, maintaining your golf clubs and increasing your game require cleaning your golf grips. It’s critical to maintain clean, dry grips since a filthy or sticky grip might impair your swing and accuracy. You can simply clean your golf grips with common household materials or specialized grip cleaning supplies by following the instructions provided in this article. Always test any cleaning solution on a discrete, small part of your grip before using it all over the surface. Your golf grips will last longer and function better on the course with routine cleaning and maintenance. Don’t delay; get your tools and begin cleaning your golf grips right away!


What is the best way to clean your golf grips?

A little soap or dishwashing detergent and warm water clean golf grips well. Get a pail, soft-bristled brush, and towel. After that, immerse the grips in soapy water. Gently clean the grips with the brush, focusing on tough dirt and grime. Before reattaching, rinse and dry the grips. Avoid damaging grips with harsh chemicals or abrasives.

How do I make my golf grips sticky again?

Warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush can make golf grips sticky again. After drying, apply a little amount of grip solvent or rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and rub it on the grip. Let it dry for a few minutes. This will remove dirt and oils and restore grip tackiness. To improve grip tackiness and durability, some golfers use grip spray or grip tape. Before playing, check your golf club’s grip enhancer rules.

How often should I clean my golf grips?

Clean golf grips monthly. How often you clean them depends on how often you golf and how dirty your grips get. If your grips are slick from frequent golfing, clean them. To keep your grips tacky in wet or muddy situations, clean them more often.

Can you use vinegar to clean golf grips?

Vinegar cleans golf grips. It removes dirt, sweat, and grease from grips naturally. In a dish or bucket, mix equal parts white vinegar and water to clean golf grips. Wring a soft cloth or sponge in the solution to remove excess moisture. Wipe the grips gently, getting into the grooves and crevices. Rinse and dry the grips.

Can you use soap and water on golf grips?

Soap and water clean golf grips. It cleans grips easily. In a bucket or sink, mix a little mild soap with warm water and scrub the grips with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse and dry grips. Avoid getting too much water on the club shaft, since it may harm the clubhead or grip glue.

Can you use WD-40 to put on golf grips?

WD-40 can degrade golf grips’ rubber composition. WD-40 is a penetrating oil that breaks down rubber, making it sticky or disintegrating. Instead, use a dedicated golf grip cleaner.

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