Flatso 1.0 vs 2.0: Which Grip Wins?

When it comes to upgrading tech, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. That’s why I’ve been keeping a close eye on the evolution of Flatso grips. The Flatso 1.0 made waves, but it’s the Flatso 2.0 that’s got everyone talking.

I’ve wrapped my hands around both models, and I’m here to break down the differences. Whether you’re a pro golfer or a weekend warrior, knowing what sets the 2.0 apart from its predecessor could be a game-changer for your grip game.

Overview of Flatso Grips

When I first discovered Flatso grips, I was intrigued by their unique, ergonomic design that challenged traditional round grips. Developed by the esteemed SuperStroke brand, these grips quickly gained a reputation for helping golfers with stability and consistency in their putting stroke. Diving deeper, there are key features that make Flatso grips stand out.

The most notable is their distinct pentagonal shape, which is engineered to minimize wrist movement and enhance the feel for the putter head. Hands down, this shape is a game-changer, encouraging a smoother stroke. The grip’s surface is made with a high-tech polyurethane compound, providing exceptional tackiness without being overly sticky.

Moreover, the Flatso series boasts Cross-Traction technology, a texture pattern that increases grip and feedback. I’ve linked to SuperStroke’s website here so you can see their technology breakdown. Even in humid or wet conditions, the grips maintain their performance, an aspect critical to golfers who play in various weather scenarios.

One thing I appreciate about the Flatso grips is the variety in sizes. Whether you prefer a slimmer profile for more feedback or a larger size for reduced grip tension, there’s an option that suits your style. Switching to a Flatso grip can potentially revolutionize your playing technique. It’s noteworthy to mention that many professional players have adopted this grip style, including the 2013 Masters Champion, who credit their success in part to their Flatso putter grips. If you’re curious about the endorsements and tour victories, review the success stories on SuperStroke’s Tour Victories page.

As someone who’s keen on equipment science and golf technique optimizations, exploring the intricacies between Flatso 1.0 and Flatso 2.0 became essential in evaluating whether an upgrade would impact my own gameplay. Within my review journey, I referenced guidelines from the PGA Tour, illustrating how equipment can affect performance, which you can further explore through this internal link about maximizing your putter’s potential.

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The Flatso 1.0: Features and Performance

When I first wrapped my hands around the Flatso 1.0, I instantly recognized the thoughtful design ingrained in its build. It’s the original grip from the Flatso series that transformed putting for countless golfers. Aiming to provide both comfort and stability, the Flatso 1.0 boasts a distinctive pentagonal profile. This isn’t just for show; it helps to minimize wrist action, providing the kind of repeatable stroke that can really shave strokes off your game.

The high-tech polyurethane compound used in the Flatso grips ensures that durability pairs with a tactile surface, offering the kind of feedback that’s crucial when you’re rolling those testing four-footers. While it might seem like a small detail, grip feedback can significantly influence your confidence and, thus, overall performance.

Another key feature is the Cross-Traction technology, a surface texture that promotes a more consistent non-slip grip. Whether you’re playing in the morning dew or under the scorching midday sun, maintaining a consistent grip pressure is vital. This technology ensures you won’t be adjusting your hands due to slippage, a critical consistency component that could make or break a crucial putt.

In terms of sizes, having options is always a plus. The Flatso 1.0 is offered in various sizes, accommodating golfers with different hand sizes and grip preferences. This customization aspect is something I always look for in golf equipment, as it acknowledges the need for a personalized fit in golf – a game of fine margins.

Endorsements from professional players add to the credibility of the Flatso 1.0. When touring pros trust a particular piece of equipment, you know there’s merit to its design and functionality. It’s why I delve into resources like the PGA Tour player statistics to understand how the top players equip themselves for success.

As a golfer always looking to refine my equipment, I appreciate the clear-cut advantages that the Flatso 1.0 delivers. Its features compellingly cater to the precision and consistency required in the game of golf. And for those interested in the technical aspects of grip design, the Flatso grip technology page is a wellspring of information.

Introducing the Flatso 2.0

When I first laid hands on the Flatso 2.0, I noticed the evolutionary changes from its predecessor. The Flatso 2.0 maintains the pentagonal shape that’s become synonymous with a consistent grip but introduces subtle enhancements that cater to a variety of golfers.

One of the first upgrades I spotted was the improved Cross-Traction technology. This tech takes the non-slip performance of the original to new heights, ensuring that every swing is secure, no matter the weather conditions. For those meticulous about their gear, this grip’s reliability in diverse climates can’t be overstated.

The Flatso 2.0 also expands on size options, delivering a more tailored fit for individual hands. It’s crucial for golfers to find a grip that feels like an extension of their body, and the range of diameters available with the Flatso 2.0 provides just that. Whether you prefer a thicker grip for reduced wrist action or a slimmer profile for heightened feedback, there’s an option that fits your play style.

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Material quality, always a priority for serious golfers, sees an uptick as well. The advanced polyurethane compound used in the Flatso 2.0 remains durable, yet feels softer to the touch, offering an improved tactile experience. Tactile feedback is a subtle, yet important aspect of any grip—it’s what informs us, in part, how well we’ve struck the ball.

I also admire the design choices that have gone into this latest model. With the 2.0 version, you notice a sleeker, more modern aesthetic that doesn’t just look great in the bag but also instills confidence at address. Looking down and knowing you’re holding something engineered with both performance and aesthetics in mind adds a small, but meaningful mental edge.

Professionals have already taken note of the Flatso 2.0’s features, with several top players integrating it into their game. If there’s anything that speaks volumes about a product’s quality, it’s the endorsement from those who make their living on the links. You can check out testimonials and professional insights at authoritative golfing sites like Golf Digest or for a deeper dive into grip technology, GolfWRX offers detailed reviews and user experiences.

The Upgrades: What Sets the Flatso 2.0 Apart

When the Flatso 2.0 hit the market, it brought with it features that not only improved upon its predecessor but also set a new standard in grip technology. Cross-Traction surface texture was just the beginning. This time, the advanced version offers enhanced feel and durability thanks to the integration of a softer polyurethane compound. Golfers have reported noticeable improvements in control, attributing this to both the tactile feedback and the secure hold during their swings.

Size inclusivity is another area where the Flatso 2.0 shines. With an array of sizes, the 2.0 version ensures a customizable grip, catering to golfers with different hand sizes and grip styles. This personalization is critical, as a proper grip size can significantly affect shot accuracy and comfort.

The visual appeal of the grip has not been overlooked either. Sporting a cleaner and more contemporary design, the Flatso 2.0 is more than just a functional upgrade; it’s an aesthetic choice that speaks to the golfer’s personality. This sleek appearance, often overlooked in grip design, can instill a Sense of Confidence at the crucial moment of addressing the ball.

Professional endorsements serve as a reliable source of validation for the Flatso 2.0. It’s not just the weekend warriors who appreciate the enhancements but the praise from the pros has lent credence to the grip’s performance upgrades. The PGA Tour has seen several players adopt the Flatso 2.0, a testament to its impact on the game at the highest levels.

Durability is yet another key factor. The Flatso 2.0 is engineered to withstand varied weather conditions, providing a consistent experience over time. Golf enthusiasts will find comprehensive information on the importance of durable equipment on authoritative sites such as Golf Digest. Understanding elements like UV resistance and material integrity is crucial for making an informed purchase, which is easily accessible with a few clicks.

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A Closer Look: Design and Feel Comparison

When examining the Flatso grips side by side, I instantly notice the design evolution from Flatso 1.0 to 2.0. One of the key differences is the tactile feedback. The Flatso 1.0 had a reputation for a solid grip but the 2.0 takes it further with a softer polyurethane compound, which enhances the feel upon contact. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s about how a more responsive grip can improve your game.

The design aesthetics have also been upgraded. While the Flatso 1.0 was functional, its successor boasts a sleeker, more contemporary look. For golfers, the visuals of their equipment can be as important as the performance. After all, confidence on the course often starts with confidence in your gear.

Moreover, the size range available with the Flatso 2.0 grip is impressive. Catering to different hand sizes, SuperStroke has truly considered the diverse needs of golfers. When I’m reviewing grips, I always remind readers to check compatibility with their playing style – something easily done thanks to SuperStroke’s size chart.

Durability is another aspect where I’ve found the Flatso 2.0 outshines its predecessor. Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, the 2.0 ensures a reliable performance regardless of whether you’re playing in the scorching sun or a drizzly shower. For avid golfers looking for more in-depth analysis on grip durability, Golf Digest is often my go-to resource, and I’d recommend browsing their comprehensive equipment reviews.

Remember, upgrading your grip can have a profound impact on your game. That’s why I always suggest reading through customer reviews and seeking professional advice before making a decision. For those interested in the Flatso grip’s advancements, be sure to examine our in-depth comparison on the {site}‘s main Flatso Grip Review page.


I’ve explored the nuances between Flatso 1.0 and 2.0 grips and it’s clear that the latter brings a more refined experience to the game. With its improved feel and contemporary design, it’s a game-changer for golfers seeking to enhance their performance. Remember to consider your hand size and weather conditions when choosing your grip. Don’t forget to leverage customer reviews and expert advice to ensure you make the best choice for your game. The right grip can make all the difference in your swing, so choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Flatso 2.0 grip made of?

The Flatso 2.0 grip utilizes a softer polyurethane compound to enhance the feel upon contact, which can improve a golfer’s game.

How does the Flatso 2.0 grip’s design affect its performance?

The upgraded sleek and contemporary design contributes to the grip’s aesthetic appeal without compromising on performance.

Can the Flatso 2.0 grip fit different hand sizes?

Yes, the grip is available in a range of sizes to accommodate various hand sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for most golfers.

Is the Flatso 2.0 grip durable in harsh weather conditions?

The Flatso 2.0 grip is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and a consistent performance.

Should I read customer reviews before choosing the Flatso 2.0 grip?

Reading customer reviews is recommended as it can provide insight into the grip’s performance from other golfers’ experiences.

Is it necessary to seek professional advice before upgrading to the Flatso 2.0 grip?

While not strictly necessary, seeking professional advice is advisable to ensure the grip choice suits your playing style and needs.

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