What Length Putter Do I Need? Finding Your Perfect Stroke with the Right Putter Length

What Length Putter Do I Need


For any golfer trying to advance their game on the greens, selecting the proper putter length is essential. Your posture, stroke mechanics, and ultimately your ability to hole those crucial putts can all be significantly impacted by a putter that is too long or too short. In this post, we’ll look at the variables to take into account when choosing your putter’s appropriate length and offer advice to help you get it just right. What length putter do I need, then? Let’s get right to it.

Factors to Consider

You should consider your height, posture, stroke style, and personal preferences when choosing a putter length. Let’s examine each of these aspects more closely and how they might affect your choice.

1. Height Matters

The ideal length of your putter is greatly influenced by your height. Longer putters typically work better for taller people, while shorter golfers typically do better with shorter ones. This connection makes sure that your posture stays relaxed and natural, enabling a more reliable and precise stroke.

2. Posture Alignment

For a successful putting stroke, maintaining good posture is essential. Your eyes will be immediately over the ball and squarely aligned to the goal if your putter matches your height and stance. This alignment reduces the possibility of misalignment throughout your stroke and improves your capacity for precise aim.

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3. Stroke Style

In order to choose the proper putter length, it is essential to understand your stroke style. Golfers can be divided into two groups based on the type of stroke they use: an arc stroke or a straight-back-straight-through (SBST). Shorter lengths are often preferred by SBST putters, whilst longer putters are frequently more ideal for arc stroke putters. You can select a putter that matches your natural motion and improves consistency by being aware of your stroke type.

4. Personal Preference

In the end, personal preference has a big impact on how long your putter should be. While some players might feel more at ease and confident with a shorter putter, others might prefer the stability and control that a longer one provides. Finding the ideal fit requires trying out several putter lengths and evaluating your comfort and confidence level with each.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding putter length, along with their concise answers:

1. What is the standard putter length?

For men and women, the normal putter length is 33 inches for males and 35 inches for women. It’s crucial to remember that these measurements might not fit everyone, and that customisation on an individual basis is frequently required.

2. Can I cut down a putter that is too long?

A putter that is excessively long can be reduced by squeezing down the shaft or having a professional do it for you. During your putting stroke, this modification aids in maintaining good posture and control.

3. Can I extend a putter that is too short?

Certainly! If your putter is too short, you can lengthen the shaft by adding an extension to make it the right length for your height and stance. This change guarantees improved alignment and stroke mechanics.

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4. How do I measure the correct putter length for myself?

Standing in a relaxed putting stance with your arms hanging naturally will help you determine the proper putter length. Have the distance between the crease of your wrist and the ground measured. The length of the putter can be chosen using this measurement as a suitable starting point.

5. Should I consult a professional for putter fitting?

While it is feasible to determine the right putter length on your own, working with a qualified club fitter can be very helpful. They have the knowledge and specialised tools necessary to analyse your stroke and suggest the best putter length for your particular requirements.

6. Can grip size affect putter length?

Yes, the size of the grip can affect putter length. The length of the putter that is necessary for the best posture and stroke mechanics may be impacted by your hand position and the thickness and shape of the grip you choose.

What Length Putter Do I Need


One of the most important steps in enhancing your putting performance on the golf course is choosing the proper putter length. You may discover a putter that improves your comfort, alignment, and consistency by taking into account aspects such as height, posture, stroke technique, and personal choice. If you want professional advice on selecting the best putter length for your game, don’t forget to speak with a professional club fitter. It’s time to hit the greens and sink those putts like a pro now that you know the answer to the question, What length putter do I need?

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