Lazrus Putter Review: Unveiling My Top Findings!

When searching for a new putter, golf enthusiasts often stumble upon the Lazrus Premium Putter. It’s a club that promises performance without breaking the bank, and I’ve taken it upon myself to put it through its paces on the greens. With so many options out there, choosing the right putter can be as tricky as reading a double-breaking putt.

The Lazrus brand may not carry the same weight as some of the industry giants, but they’re making waves with their direct-to-consumer model. By cutting out middlemen, they offer what seems to be high-quality equipment at much more affordable prices than you’d expect for premium gear. This review will delve into my experience with their putter—covering everything from feel and balance to aesthetics and overall value.

Durability is key in any golf club investment and Lazrus claims their products are built to last just as long if not longer than other top-tier brands. I’ll examine whether this putter lives up to such claims while also providing insight into how it performs under various conditions on the course. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an avid golfer looking for something new in your bag, keep reading; this review could point you towards your next game-changer on the greens.

Background of the Lazrus putter

Lazrus is a brand that’s been gaining traction in the golfing community for offering premium quality equipment at an affordable price. Their approach is pretty straightforward: cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumers. What’s interesting about Lazrus is that it isn’t just another off-the-shelf option; they’ve carved out a niche by providing high-quality clubs without breaking the bank.

The Lazrus putter itself stands out in its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s designed with a clean look and a focus on functionality. The brand claims to use the same foundries as top-of-the-line manufacturers, which means you’re getting a club made from quality materials but without any extra fuss or inflated cost.

Here are some key points about their putters:

  • Precision Milled Face: This feature helps in achieving more consistent rolls, which can enhance accuracy on the greens.
  • Alignment Aid: The design includes clear visual cues to assist golfers with proper alignment, which can be particularly helpful for those struggling with their putting direction.
  • Weight Distribution: The balance of weight throughout the putter is engineered to provide stability through the stroke, aiming to reduce twisting and thus improve control over putt speed.

What sets this particular putter apart might not just be its technical specifications but also its accessibility. While most premium clubs can set you back several hundred dollars, Lazrus offers their products at prices that don’t require such deep pockets. They’ve managed to build up quite a following because they make golf more accessible without compromising on performance—a real win-win scenario for many golf enthusiasts.

I’ve noticed among various forums and product reviews that users often praise the feel of these putters during play. They tend to highlight how comfortable it feels in hand and how it performs comparably to much more expensive counterparts from well-established brands. This feedback indicates that not only does Lazrus talk the talk when it comes down to value for money, but they also walk the walk according to customer experiences.

The story behind Lazrus is compelling because they’re challenging traditional market dynamics by making affordability meet quality head-on. By doing so, they’re creating opportunities for players who may have once considered certain levels of equipment beyond their reach.

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Key features of the Lazrus putter

When you’re eyeing a new putter, several features stand out that could sway your decision. The Lazrus putter is no exception with its standout characteristics designed to improve your game. Let’s dive into what makes this club a potential game-changer on the greens.

  • Premium Quality Without the Sticker Shock: Crafted from the same materials found in clubs from top-tier brands, this putter offers exceptional quality. It boasts a CNC milled face which gives it a precise flatness, leading to better roll off the tee without draining your wallet.
  • Alignment Made Simple: Alignment is crucial for sinking those critical putts and thankfully, the Lazrus putter comes equipped with clear alignment aids on top. This feature helps ensure that you’re setting up your shots accurately every time, giving you that extra confidence boost when lining up.
  • Weight Distribution for Consistency: The balance of weight in a putter can significantly affect performance. The designers of the Lazrus have strategically distributed weight throughout the head to create an even moment of inertia (MOI). What does this mean? A more consistent stroke and less twisting upon impact with the ball.
  • Comfortable Grip for Steady Hands: I’ve noticed that my putting improves when I’m using a comfortable grip; it seems like many golfers feel similarly. The Lazrus comes fitted with a midsize grip which not only provides comfort but also reduces wrist action during strokes – enhancing stability.
  • Versatile Design Suited for All Skills Levels: Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been hitting greens for years, this putter is designed to be user-friendly across all skill levels. With its sleek look and forgiving design, it’s easy to see why both newcomers and seasoned players might choose it as their go-to club on the green.

Remember these highlights as you consider adding a new piece to your golf arsenal. A well-crafted tool like the Lazrus may very well be what turns those near-misses into satisfying birdies!

Pros and cons of the Lazrus putter

When it comes to golf, having the right putter can make all the difference on the green. That’s why I’ve taken a close look at the Lazrus putter, weighing its strengths against any potential weaknesses. Let me dive into what I found.


  • Affordability: The price point is a significant advantage. It’s cost-effective compared to many other brands without compromising on quality.
  • Quality Material: Constructed with a precision milled face, this putter offers excellent feel and feedback upon impact.
  • Design Aesthetics: Visually appealing with clean lines and a classic look, it certainly stands out in your bag.


  • Brand Recognition: Lazrus isn’t as well-known as some of its competitors which may leave some golfers hesitant about making the switch.
  • Limited Models: Their range doesn’t offer as much variety when it comes to different styles or weight preferences.

Here are some points that stand out for both pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Affordability Brand Recognition
Quality Material Limited Models
Design Aesthetics

Golfers who’ve switched to Lazrus often rave about how smooth their putting game has become. One player mentioned they “sunk more putts than ever before,” which speaks volumes about its performance capabilities.

On the flip side though, there have been mentions from players used to high-end brands that they miss certain customizations or specific features unique to those premium models.

Remember, a good fit varies from player to player—it’s not just about brand name but also how well you gel with your equipment on the course. When considering the Lazrus putter for your game, weigh these factors carefully and consider testing one out if possible. Your perfect putt could be waiting at an unexpected turn!

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Customer reviews and feedback

Digging into customer reviews can provide a wealth of insight, especially when it comes to something as personal as a putter. Many golfers have shared their experiences with Lazrus putters online, highlighting the pros and cons that they’ve encountered on the green. It’s not just about how the putter looks; it’s about how it performs under pressure, its feel in your hands, and ultimately, whether it improves your game.

One common thread among reviews is praise for the value you get with Lazrus. Golfers are often surprised by the quality they receive at such an affordable price point. They mention that these putters hold their own against much more expensive brands. This kind of feedback suggests that for those on a budget or beginners not yet ready to splurge on high-end gear, Lazrus could be a smart choice.

  • Affordability without sacrificing quality
  • Compares favorably to more expensive brands
  • Ideal for budget-conscious golfers and beginners

Some users go into detail about the specific features of Lazrus putters like the comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution. These aspects contribute to a steady hand on the course—a must-have feature according to seasoned players. The consistent roll off the face gets mentioned too, which seems to help golfers improve their accuracy over time.

However, not all feedback is glowing. A few golfers feel that while adequate for casual play, serious competitors might look elsewhere for advanced technology or prestige names in putting equipment. This points out that while suitable for many players, preferences vary greatly depending on one’s level of play and what they’re seeking in a club.

When looking through forums and product review sections:

  • Comfortable grip
  • Balanced weight
  • Consistent roll noted by users

Lastly, customer service experiences round out many reviews—fortunately mostly positive here as well. Quick responses from Lazrus representatives and helpful support seem common when issues arise. It’s reassuring knowing there’s good backing behind your equipment should anything unexpected happen.

  • Positive customer service experiences reported
  • Reassuring support structure

Comparison with other putters on the market

When I set out to compare Lazrus putters with others on the market, I noticed several key differences. One of the main factors that stands out is PRICE POINT. Lazrus offers a significantly lower price than many premium brands, which can be an attractive feature for golfers on a budget who still want quality equipment.

  • Price: Affordable compared to high-end brands
  • Accessibility: Easy for beginners and intermediate players to purchase

Material and construction are also important considerations. While some top-tier manufacturers use proprietary materials or intricate milling processes, Lazrus putters maintain decent performance with more straightforward designs.

  • Materials: Standard quality suitable for casual play
  • Design: Less complex than leading brands but functional

In terms of PERFORMANCE, there’s a spectrum in the golfing community from beginners to pros where preferences can vary widely. A Scotty Cameron or Odyssey might offer advanced alignment aids or better balance due to their higher-end manufacturing processes, but not all players might notice these subtleties.

  • Performance: Good for recreational use; professionals may prefer higher-spec models
  • Feel: Some users report less feedback compared to luxury putters

Another aspect is INNOVATION. Brands like TaylorMade and Ping frequently push the envelope with cutting-edge technology in their putter designs. Lazrus tends to stick with tried-and-true methods rather than introducing groundbreaking features.

  • Technology: More traditional approach compared to industry leaders
  • Advancements: Fewer technological innovations

Lastly, BRAND REPUTATION plays a role in how putters are perceived and selected. Established brands have years of tour-level validation backing them up, which can influence buyer confidence and choice.

  • Reputation: Less prestigious than long-standing companies
  • Validation: Not as prevalent in professional circuits

Tips for improving your putting game with the Lazrus putter

Improving your putting can dramatically lower your golf scores and using a Lazrus putter might just be the key to unlocking better performance on the greens. To make the most of this club, I’ve got several tips that could help you refine your technique and increase consistency.

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First up is understanding the importance of alignment. The Lazrus putter comes with helpful visual aids designed to improve accuracy. Practice aligning the putter face perpendicular to your target line; this simple step can lead to more successful puts. A great drill involves placing two clubs on the ground forming a track for the putter head, ensuring it stays on path during practice strokes.

Grip pressure matters too. With a comfortable and consistent grip on your Lazrus putter, you’ll have better control over speed and direction. Aim for a light but firm grip, as if you were holding a tube of toothpaste without squeezing any out. This will prevent wrist hinge and contribute to a smoother stroke.

Next focus on stance stability. You want a solid foundation when using any putter, including Lazrus models. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart for balance and bend from the hips slightly, making sure not to hunch over too much which can disrupt your swing plane.

Lastly, don’t forget about pace control – it’s critical in putting! Spend time getting familiar with how hard or soft you need to hit the ball with your Lazrus putter to cover various distances on different green conditions. An effective exercise is practicing lag puts from 20, 30, and 40 feet away from the hole and trying to get each ball within a club-length from it.

Remember that every green has its own personality – some are faster than others, while some break more dramatically – so part of mastering putting is adapting quickly during play:

Distance (feet) Goal (distance from hole)
20 <= 1 club-length
30 <= 1 club-length
40 <= 1 club-length

By applying these tips with diligence and patience while wielding my Lazrus putter I’ve noticed measurable improvements in my short game. Trust me when I say practice does pay off in lower scores!


Wrapping up my thoughts on the Lazrus putter, I’ve been genuinely impressed with its performance. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of what I’ve found:

  • Affordability: The putter stands out in the market for its budget-friendly price point without compromising quality.
  • Build Quality: It boasts a solid construction that rivals more expensive brands, making it a great choice for golfers who don’t want to splurge.
  • Performance: On the greens, the putter provides consistent roll and decent feedback, which can help improve putting accuracy over time.

I must mention that while this putter may not carry the prestige of high-end names in golf equipment, it doesn’t fall short where it counts. Its design is sleek and functional, appealing to those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic.

Now let’s talk usability. Beginners and casual players will find this putter particularly advantageous due to its straightforward functionality and forgiveness on mis-hits. However, even seasoned golfers might be surprised at how well it performs compared to their more expensive gear.

When considering a new addition to your golf bag, always weigh your options carefully. If you’re someone who values cost-effectiveness but still demands quality performance on the green, then the Lazrus putter could very well be your next best friend in your golfing endeavors.

In terms of durability and longevity, I haven’t noticed any significant wear or degradation over time; however, as with any piece of sporting equipment regular maintenance goes a long way toward preserving its condition and effectiveness.

To sum up my experience: The Lazrus putter has exceeded expectations given its price bracket. It’s proven itself as an accessible option that doesn’t skimp on delivering a solid putting experience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for an affordable backup for your mainstay club consider giving this one a swing next time you hit the course!

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